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Frutas do Cávado bets on the quality and freshness of the products it markets. These are the factors that allow fruits and vegetables to reach their customers’ home, nationally and internationally with the desired quality and flavor.


Ana Lopes

Excellent quality fruit distributor!

Elisabete Rigor

Great service … Great prices!

Sameiro Ferreira

Good service and good merchandise


We carefully select the best products and follow the highest and strict quality standards to achieve the most tasty fruit.


Benefit from the freshest nutrients in winter, spring, autumn and summer.
Each season has its own charm and it is wise to align food with the rhythms of nature. Find out how to do it with our fresh calendar featuring the best fruits and vegetables of the four seasons.

Dry Fruits

Dried fruits are loved by most of us, but do we know all the benefits they offer us?
They are ideal for weight loss diets and for those who want to gain muscle, as they are a natural source of protein, fiber and acids.

Other Products

Frutas do Cávado has to offer you a wide range of new products, from canned and dried beans, olive oil, olives, lupins, among many others. Get to know the new products Frutas do Cávado has for you!

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