Frutas do Cávado


The History of “Frutas do Cávado, Lda.” helps to realize its current success at national and international level.

Founded in the 60s by João Santos Ferreira and Maria Ramirez Ribeiro, it began as a small family business.
It was the strong ties and values of unity, trust and perseverance that allowed, in the troubled times of dictatorship, this small business to resist, grow, taking on the dimension it presents today.


A business across borders. This new stage also defines the current name of the company “Frutas do Cávado, Lda.”, Which today operates in Spain, the Netherlands, Italy and Brazil; transacting to and from these countries.The volume and requirement of current business leads this Company to be in the Quality Certification phase, to comply not only with the legal requirements in force but mainly to improve service and continuously increase customer satisfaction. your customers.


Frutas do Cávado bets on quality and brings you the best and freshest products, making this our motto for 60 years, and thus gaining your trust. It’s you, the customer who motivates us and keeps us being the best at distributing fresh fruits and vegetables!


Frutas do Cávado bets on Quality, Freshness, Taste, Variety, Confidence and Delivery! We have fresh and highest quality products on the market, always ensuring the authentic taste. We give our customers the security and confidence of purchasing the best and freshest products ever.


The fruit fleet of “Frutas do Cávado, Lda.” is made up of ATP-certified isothermal vehicles that ensure the freshness and quality of perishable food products. All products stored and transported by “Frutas do Cávado, Lda.” Are accompanied by the respective Technical Data Sheet which provides, among other important elements, the conditions of storage, transport, handling recommendations, labeling, packaging and packaging.

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